Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Betzalel 22 and Sruly 18!

The fifth day of Chaunkah is Tzaly's and Sruly's birthday! Wishing you Kulo Tov- b'gashmius ubruchnius! Keep on giving your parents lots of yidishe and chasidishe nachas!


montreal said...

shmuly ti ucido per le foto

mindy said...

happy birthday sruly we tried calling you all day yesterday, but the number you gave us ids NON RAGGIUNGIBILE!!!! Happy Birthday from all of us in Italy

chaya mushka borenstein said...

uccido con 2 c

montreal said...

uccido scusami!!!!!!!!!
se trovo chi ha datto ha yanky la foto lo ucido

Cheyenna said...

mazal tov tzaly... now can i start looking? should i start calling the yeshiva??? - like _____. lol.
neways, happy belated birthday- and btw, i did go back to the kangaroos after i spoke to you and went chasing them all over the field, mind u!
and mazal tov to sruly too.