Friday, January 12, 2007

More of the Bar Mitzvah

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Rabbi Yakov said...

hey.......really nice pics over there, looks like you guys worked really hard, and since this is my first posting, ofcourse some constructive critisizm,
where are the pics of my husband and meir, who came in all the way from colorado (and ofcourse brought back a stomach virus), isnt some credit due? like a pic of
thanks for all the work, looks great

another italian said...

where are the pictures of the ladie's section? are we not part of the simcha too? or are you too frum to post a picture of us for the family?

Esther Rivkah said...

the ladies section pictures are my fathers camera, when he sends them to I will post. From what I understand there are no allot of pictures b/c we didn't realizes the camera was downstairs until later and then Cheyenna wanted the web cam so when I get them - you get them