Thursday, March 01, 2007

Zeidy's Birthday!

Today - Yud-Aleph Adar was Zeidy's birthday! I am sure that everyone did at least one extra mitzvah in honor of this day! Now for all the baby's - Zediy's song "kudy kudy kutvh de da kutch!" I"yh Moshiach will be here and we will actualy see Zeidy fear the grandchildren to the chupah!

Sorry, for lack of photo - but I had no time to scan one - everyone is welcome to share photos or stories!
please submit your Purim plans - and do not forget to send pictures!

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Anonymous said...

zaidy was the funniest man ever. when we were in the country, zaidy used to sit me down if i was making too much noise on the hill (in Kol Tuv) and teach me how alef=1... lamed=30 ...etc. and u know what... i still know it today thanks to zaidy. and as for that kutche kutche.... yeah, moshiach should come soon so he can dance with all our kids!
luv from cheyenna.
guys, everyone for sure has one story to share.. so take the second and write it.
does anyone know stories of when zaidy was young?